LED Daytime Running Lights DRL with Fog Lamp Cover for 2007~2012 LEXUS ES240 ES350

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Simply controller directly connected battery positive and negative,  When the car is turned off, DRL lights  Darken or off immediately!  

The following is the introduction of this product:

Tips: for sale, a pair of two in the packaging

Product attributes 

Item Type    Car LED DRL 
Voltage    12V
Year    2007~2012
Car Make    
For 2007~2012 LEXUS ES240 / ES350
Model Name    
DRL-For 2007~2012 LEXUS ES240 / ES350 
Packaging Size (L*W*H)    
40*25*25 cm    
Item Weight    1.5 kg
Material Type    ABS+high-brightness LED wick
Special Features    Aurora-assist illuminator
Color Temperature Range: 6000-6700K
Power: single 5 W
Rated operating current: less than150mA
Current stability: less than + 2mA (24 hours)
Brightness :70-90LM (left and right strict symmetric )
Color: White

LED input indicators

Rated input voltage: BATTERY 12V

Rated Input Current: 0.8A to 1.2A (depending on the style and decide)

Rated power: 5-8W 

Operating temperature -40 ~ 50 degree

Storage Temperature -50 ~ 80 degree

Protection features: reverse polarity protection, open circuit protection.

Waterproof type of measurement: After the rain simulation tests and immersionsimulation tests.

Salt spray test: passed the salt spray test. 

Installation Instructions

1.Not need to change the fog lights, original car location to install, no need to paste a direct replacement for the original car black fog lamp shade, 

power cable can be connected to the fog lights on (open fog bright).

2.Can also be connected to the battery positive and negative, the patented technology OEM dedicated Daytime Running Light: the unique car to start 

Automatic Identification System (LEDs switch on their own lights turn on and off)!

Its simple, minimalist design of this product is sold in the market, LED lampproduction technology, the use of the 8 low-power ultra-bright light, the glare of the lights can emit high-power lights are ashamed! 

Ultra-high brightness of the lights,make your luxury car is more aristocratic momentum, so elegant but not domineeringcar more aggressive. 

2x LED Daytime Running Lights DRL with Fog Lamp Cover for 2007~2012 LEXUS ES240 ES350

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