LED Daytime Running Light Kits DRL for Mercedes Benz 07-10 W204 C180 C200 C260 C300

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LED Daytime Running Lights Kit DRL Turning Light for Mercedes Benz W204 C180 C200 C260 C300 2007-2010
Color Temperature Range: 6000-6700K
Power: single 0.5 W
Rated operating current: less than150mA
Current stability: less than + 2mA (24 hours)
Brightness :70-90LM (left and right strict symmetric )
Color: White

LED input indicators
Rated input voltage: BATTERY 12V
Rated Input Current: 0.8A to 1.2A (depending on the style and decide)
Rated power: 5-8W 
Operating temperature -40 ~ 50 degree
Storage Temperature -50 ~ 80 degree
Protection features: reverse polarity protection, open circuit protection.
Waterproof type of measurement: After the rain simulation tests and immersionsimulation tests.
Salt spray test: passed the salt spray test.
The position of original car fog lights replacement quick and easy!

Daytime running lights, line group cross-flow with a decoder and smart regulation, automatically adjust 
themselves according to the car battery voltage circuit boards, control, steady flow to ensure the life of 
the lamp;
Car Make:
For  2007~2010 BENZ  W204 / C180 / C200 / C260 / C300  

Ultra-high brightness of the lights,make your luxury car is more aristocratic 
momentum, so elegant but not domineeringcar more aggressive.  
Multi-function multi-purpose auto-assist illuminator night attracted numerous envy of
the night is open, reflecting the position of the body, to ensure that the intersection 
ofthe two-car safety, rain fog is open, with better penetration.
1, Aluminum lamp holder, cooling fast, anti-ultraviolet light shade, in particular,
process vents (which domestic factories can not do)
2, the impact materials
3, waterproof design
4, high brightness, high-life LED
This section day running lights are exported to Europe and the United States through 
the EU certification, quality absolute guarantee! 

Daytime running lights, LED lights installed in front of the body is the vehicle driving 
in the daytime are more likely to be recognized lamps. Its efficacy is not to make the 
driver can see the road, but in order to let people know there is a car and over. This 
lamp is not lighting, but a semaphore. Of course, the installation of daytime running 
lights can make the car look cooler, more energetic, but the maximum effectiveness 
of daytime running lights, is not that beautiful, but to provide the vehicle identifi-
ability.In foreign traffic open Daytime Running Light, a 32.6% reduction in vehicle 
accidents, but also can reduce the accident risk of dying of 26.4%. In short, the 
purpose of daytime running lights to the traffic safety. 

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