7pc Oxygen Sensor Socket Wrench O2 Automotive Hand Tools Set

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7-Piece Oxygen Sensor Socket Set consists of the three most sockets. Use for removing and installing oxygen sensors on many vehicles.


7 Pc Oxygen Sensor Socket Wrench Set
Alloy Steel
Heat Treated Black Finish
Oxigen Sensor Socket: 
1/2" Dr. 29mm x 90mm (Deep), 7mm Slot
Vacuum PVC TVS Valve & Oxygen Sensor; On Ford, GM, Chrysler & Other Cars: 3/8" Dr. 7/8" x 90mm (Deep), 20mm Slot
Vacuum Switch Socket; For Oxygen on Computer Engine Controlled Cars: 3/8" Dr. 7/8" x 80mm (Deep), 7mm Slot
Offset Oxygen Sensor Wrench: 2-1/8"
Heated Oxygen Sensor Socket: 1/2" Dr. 27mm x 78mm (Deep), 12 Points
Oil Sender Unit Socket; Remove and Install Oil Pressure Sending Unit on GM and Late Chrysler: 1-1/16"
Case colr will vary.

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