2pcs Xenon White 50W CREE H3 LED Fog Light Bulb Car Driving DRL Lamp 12V 24V

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Product Name: 50W H3 LED Fog light(12-24V DC).
Socket: H3
LED quantity: 10pcs
LED Specification:2pieces USA 5W CREE XBD LED chips+8pieces 5W Samsung LED chips
LEDs Power:5Wx10=50W.
Color: White (6500-7000K)
Working voltage: 12V-24V DC
Operating current :160-280mA
Working power:about 12V x0.17=2.04W
working temperature:-40°C- 105°C
Lumens : >750lm
Beam angle:360°
Packing Specification: Anti-Electrostatic Polybag
warranty :1year ( used in normal condition ).
Usage:Fog Light, Driving lamp etc.

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Built-in constant current control, anti-jamming; do not change electronic circuits: easy to install, direct replacement of original light bits of glass beads.
LED: semiconductor solid state light source, anti-vibration, waterproof, high luminous efficiency, is the green light!
Energy conservation: the traditional halogen lamp, energy consumption, 1/10 (better able to protect the car circuit).
the life of up to 50,000 hours (the traditional light bulb does not exceed 2,000 hours).
start: LED without hot start time, lighting fast response speed (nanosecond).
Car Models Installed table.

Car Models installed table
1.Fog lamp H1,H3,H4,H7,H8/H11, H13,9004/9007,9005,9006.
2.Turn Signal Light 3156,1156,1157,7440, WG4.
3.Parking lamp 1157,3157,7443,
4,Reversing lamp 3156,1156,7440,
5.Trunk lamp 1157,3157,7443
6.Roof Light WG-T10, BA9S,S8.5(Festoon Bulb Adapter:31mm 36mm 39mm 41mm).
7.License Plate Lamp WG-T10 S8.5.
8.Instruvent Light T5, T10, T11, T15, BA9S.
9.Width Lamp: BA9S, T5, WG-T10,WG-T11,WG-T15.
10.Boot light:WG-T10,S8.5.
11.Door Handle Light.WG-T10,S8.5,
packing list

Packing include:

50W H3 LED Fog Light (12-24V) x 2 pieces
the items No come with Retail packing,offer Anti-Electrostatic Polybag
This is  Fog Lamp . Not suitable for Headlights.

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