2010-2012 Hyundai IX35 LED DRL Daytime Running Light Lamp

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LED DRL For IX35 Hyundai
Model:Hyundai IX35
Working life:80,000 Hours
Rated Current:400mA
Range of color temperture:6000-6700K
Rated input current:1A
Working temperature:-40°C~ 105°C

2x 2010-2012 Hyundai IX35 LED DRL Daytime Running Light Lamp

1.Open the front cover of the car, so that u can connect the wire and install the DRL;
2.Take down the original fog lamp frame, no need to take down front bumper;
3.Install the DRL on the fog lamp frame location;
4.The controller has a white wire and a black wire, Connect the white wire to battery positive pole, connect the black wire to battery negative pole.

Why U need DRL (daytime running light)?
Firstly, DRL give pedestrian and other cars a warning to prevent traffic accident, which will reduce by 58%; secondly, DRL make ur car more beautiful and become top grade; thirdly, ur car won't be legal without DRL in most countries.
Why U need Car-specific DRL but not universal DRL?
Car-specific DRL is designed for a car model only. It can be installed exactly and makes up with the car very well. The controller, which is also special for the car model, has all kind of protection functions. And attention pls, if the DRL has a controller with it, the DRL should be connected to the car through the controller, otherwise, if u connect it to the car directly, the DRL may be burn up. And the car-special DRL is more durable. Normally, it can be used as long as ur car.
How to test and install?
Pls test the light before installation. The voltage of the light is DC12V or DC13V normally. The installation is not difficult. if the lights should be installed in the fog lamp location, u just need to take down the original fog lamp rim and replace it with the DRL; if the lights should be installed in the grille, u just need to fix the lights to the grille. Most DRLs use plastic fastener to fixing and some use screw bolts. Sometime, u need to take down the bumper for installation.
The wire connection should be considered and made before fixing. If the DRL has not a controller, u just need to connect the red wire to ACC or Battery+(B+), and the black wire should be connected to iron; If the DRL has one or two controllers, there is some different connection and making different control. It is usually like that: Red wire connected to B+, Black connected to iron, Yellow connected to ACC, White connected to headlamp side lamp or fog lamp(when these lamp ON, the DRL OFF or dimmer), Orange connected to turn light(when turn light ON, the same side's DRL flicker at the same time with white or yellow light).

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